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A blast from the past- a recipe for cold cream from a great grandmother. The miracle cream- once use​d to take off make-up, now simply the most wonderful winter moisturizing cream!

It seems that the older I get, the more my skin changes- and not for the best! It starts drying out, cracking and peeling- multiplied by a hundred in a cold Minnesota winter! The itching of dry skin, pain of cracks on my feet makes the skin of my twenties just a fond memory. It ​took the feeling of my skin catching on my sheets at night to send me on my quest for moisture products- and a new marriage required soft scents instead of  smelling like a medicine cabinet!

​ I am a self proclaimed product junkie. I have tried virtually everything to get my skin back to feeling "normal" and have talked to all my friends for their latest ideas and tips. One day I remembered the cold cream that we made growing up and I decided that I could create products that would fit exactly what my skin needed while still making me feel (and smell!) feminine.

Slowly I researched and created ​products that simply worked- and smelled wonderful! Winter skin is no longer something I fear. My dry patches on my arms and cracked heels have disappeared- and the sheets no longer catch on my skin- all while smelling heavenly- much to my husband's delight!

I hope you enjoy handcrafted bath and body products as much as I do- every day!


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